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UltraWave Skin Spatual


UltraWave Skin Spatual

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Product Description

UltraWave Ultrasound Skin Spatula

The UltraWave Skin Spatula utilizes ultrasound wave technology for non-invasive painless skin care.  This is a handheld ultrasound skin scrubber and an excellent option for those who are looking for a more affordable and convenient alternative to tabletop units.  This ultrasound is a portable device that is easy to store and travel-friendly.  As a corded unit, you will always get consistent power unlike battery operated models.  

What does ultrasound do for skin care:

  1. Ultrasound performs exfoliation of old loose skin cells leaving the skin smooth and radiant rather than red and irritated, as often happens with microdermabrassion.  
  2. Deeply cleanse the pores.  Ultrasoud literally removes oils, dirt and celluar debris from with the follicle, Often blackheads actually just move out of the pore using ultrasound.  Extractions that might be required can be done so much easier thus providing less chance of causing injury to the skin tissue.  
  3. Push" your actives deeper into the skin so that they can do their good work rather than laying on the top outter most skin layer.  This Sonophoresis, also known as phonophoresis,....utilizes ultrasonic waves to penetrate water-soluble active liquids, gels, serums, or ampoules into the dermis (past the epidermis) for enhanced delivery and facial rejuvenation. In other words, your actives are simply going to be more active and work better.  Research has found that the use of ultrasound can stimulate fibroblast activity, increase local circulation, and stimulate wound repair.  

What are the features benefits of the UltraWave Skin Spatula  

  1. It can be used on all skin types for variety of skin care treatments. 
  2. UltraWave makes it easier to gently and effectively clean and moisturize skin. Clients are left with healthy and toned complexions.
  3. The pulse mode will enhance product delivery
  4. Professional corded skin scrubber unit ensures your power will be consistent and with no down time having to charge a unit. 
  5. Professional unit is suggested for both spa and home use 
  6. Durable
  7. Long lifespan, you won't have to replace a battery in the near future
  8. Exfoliation Mode - Gently and effectively cleanse all skin types
  9. Permeation Mode - Permeates topical nutrients deeper into skin
  10. Micro-massage (pulse) mode is a soothing massage that will enhance product delivery
  11. Easy to use one button control panel
  12. 25 KHz
  13. Made is South Korea for a quality you can count on.

It can be used on all skin types for variety of skin care treatments. UltraWave makes it easier to gently and effectively clean and moisturize skin. Clients are left with healthy and toned complexions.

Using the UltraWave Ultrasound Spatula

Ultrasound treatments are simple, quick, and effective. It can easily be incorporated into existing facial cleansing and product application routines. Ultrasound requires water (or serum) to work. 

1. Apply water to the skin and use the spatula/scrubber on exfoliation mode to cleanse skin. Repeat passes over congested areas to help loosen and remove impurities and blackheads from pores. 

2. After exfoliation is complete, apply a thin layer of your choice of serums and other topical products. Use the scrubber on permeation mode to penetrate the products into the skin. 

NOTE:  If you want to penetrate an active cream, such as the 3% GHK VIP Luxury Cream or DNA Telomere Cream, you must

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Apply the cream
  3. Then apply water on top of the cream then use your ultrasound unit on Penetration mode to perform penetration of the applied cream.  



  1. UltraWave device
  2. Blade cover
  3. Power adapter
  4. Detailed user guide with illustrations and suggested treatment protocol
  5. Convenient blue travel carrying / storage case 
  6. Full one year warranty
  • Skin Spatula has 6 PZT ceramic crystals. 
  • UltraWave has 4 PZT ceramic crystals,
  • Ezzi-Peel has 2 PZT ceramic crystals.

Both Exfoliation and Penetration 



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