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Moisturizing the skin may be the most mis-understood part of skin care. Many popular moisturizers offered by major cosmetic companies are mixtures of oils, water, and surface active chemicals that increase skin damage similar to skin irritants. 

Dry skin is caused by two problems: (1) Damage to the skin's protective barrier which produces excessive water loss through the skin, and (2) a reduction in the concentrations of the skin's water-holding sugars and proteins the the proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

Our skin is equipped with unique a self-repair and self-renewal mechanisms that can be activated at any age. Skin aging research by noted biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart has led to the best skincare for harnessing your skin's natural power: copper peptides. Healthy well moisturized and hydrated skin renews much faster than skin that is dry and stressed.  

Work with products that are cleanly and responsibly formulated because not all companies/brands are about healthy skin and your skin looking its best. 



  • Celes Therapeutic Oil Moisturizer 1 or 4 oz

  • Collagen Cycle Serum 1 oz

  • DCX .3 oz (Dark Circle X)

  • DNA Telomere Repair Cream (Renovage) 1 oz

  • DianaYvonne Collagen Synthesizer

  • Emu Oil for Skin 2 oz.

  • DianaYvonne Essential Skin Lipids

  • GHK CU Crepey Skin Escape

  • DianaYvonne Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer

  • DianaYvonne Hydra Spray

  • Multi Peptide  Serum 1 oz

  • DianaYvonne Pure Squalane

  • Red Tea Serum 1 oz.

  • Retinol in Squalane 1 oz.

  • Triple Action Vitamin C 1 oz

  • Two Timing Tightener 50 ml

  • Ultra Clear Emu Oil 1 oz

  • Ultra Clear Emu Oil 2 oz

  • Ultra Emu Oil 2 oz

  • ULTRA Emu Oil, 1 oz