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R1 Eye Area

Posted by DianaYvonne on

R1 Progress Pictures..

Age 43, USA

My skincare objectives. I grew up in Southern California, frying myself on the beaches and in my backyard swimming pool from an early age. I rarely used much (if any) sunscreen. I have a fair amount of melanin in my skin -- no idea why, I'm of Northern European heritage -- and although I could burn, I generally ended up with a dark tan every summer. I gave up tanning early in my 20s, but by age 43 I had a lot of damage. Brown spots. Lines. Broken capillaries. I heard about Obagi and found a physician through their website. Most people seem to go on it for about 18 weeks. My PS prescribed the regime for me for an entire year. For those who don't know, Obagi is mainly a Retin-A/Hydroquinone delivery program. By the end of the year, all my dark spots had long since disappeared. Fine lines were better. My skin was dry from the Retin-A. I needed to find another regime now that I was going on Obagi maintenance. I read about CP products on the YTF site and decided to try them. I started with the CP Night Eyes. I liked the results, so when it was time to go on maintenance, I began a copper peptide regimen. I still use Retin-A every other night, as directed. I'm now 44 years old.

When I was on Obagi, I liked the way my skin was improving, but I felt my eye area could use a boost. I tried the CP Night Eyes. Didn't see a lot at first, but around the three month mark I had the legendary crepyness. My undereye area was scaly! Yuck! A couple of weeks later I noticed two things: 1) the scales disappeared and 2) a little pin-prick sized red mark that I'd had under my right eye for months and months was disappearing!

Feb 2004 took my first progress picture and began an overall copper peptide routine along with Obagi maintenance. I also began to increase the strength of copper peptides around the eye area as noted.

March 31 - a 5 week follow up progress picture. It's been a month since I started using the CP products (serum, exfol cream and P&R w/ Retinol). After a year of strictly using the Obagi system, my skin is so soft and clear and moisturized!

In comparing the progress pictures one of the lines that ran from the top of the lid down the side isn't there. The lid appears to have tightened up a lot. In the latest picture, looking down at the camera, the lines should be much more evident under the eye than when looking up as in first photo. The dynamic smile lines are smoothing out fast with the long one that ran underneath my eye almost gone!

Just this week (April 2004) PS -- Things are still looking good! Got a complement the other night from a neighbor who asked "WHAT are you using on your skin!? It looks incredible!" :)

General facial area (including neck and upper chest)


  1. Splash with warm/tepid water or cleanser as noted in PM below
  2. CP Serum - apply to face, neck and upper chest. (Started with 4 drops of CP Serum into palm of hand, add equal amount of water, mix and apply to overall facial area including eye area, neck and upper chest. In a few days began to increase the ratio of CP Serum.
  3. 3. Exfol Cream - let rest on skin for 30 minutes or longer before applying anything on top - add this to your routine in a week 4.
  4. Protect & Restore w/retinol
  5. Sun Screen


  1. Cleanser - Wet washrag with warm water; apply to facial area several times to open pores. Add cleanser to a facial brush and work the brush in a circular motion help exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse. Thoroughly rinse.
  2. 2. CP Serum
  3. Exfol Cream - let rest on skin for 30 minutes or longer. 4. Protect & Restore w/retinol


  1. CP Serum
  2. Exfol Serum - let rest for 30 minutes
  3. Retin A Cream -Protect & Restore w/retinol if your skin needs extra moisturization

Eye Area:

CP Serum, initially diluted to the eye area, gradually working up to full strength plus CP Night Eyes

These photos have been furnished by the customer as a courtesy and were taken with a personal digital camera in natural sun light. There have been no enhancements, adjustments or alternations.