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Kathleen Hyperpigmentation

Posted by DianaYvonne on

Kathleen: Age: 37

Location: USA

Skin Issues: Uneven skin texture, large pores, hyperpigmentation/mottled skin color and some saucer acne scars on temples and chin.

As submitted by our customer:

Prior to November 2004, my previous skin care routine was Differin Gel and 40% lactic acid peels 1 /week, but they didn't really do much. They worked better after I added a 3% BHA prep before the 40% peel, but I was still unhappy with my skin. I was also using 4% hydroquinone, but again, it didn't do all that much except irritate my skin.

I started with CP Serum the end of November 2004. I used it only 2 times/week to begin as any more caused me to break out in tiny pimples. After about 2-3 weeks, I moved up to using CP Serum undiluted every night. I think I added Exfol about this time as well. I used emu on my face at night. At some point in December, I moved up to using CP Serum and Exfol 2 x/day. I didn't know to wait after applying the Exfol. My face started to look worse--huge pores, lots of built up skin and the hyperpigmentation got much worse.

In January, I immediately slowed down the copper use. I actually stopped for a few days and just worked on really exfoliating my face. I started using Fruit Acid 15% every night and applying Exfol afterward. I also started to let the Exfol sit for 30 minutes before applying the CP Serum and Wildberry Serum on top of it. This was around the time of the Jan 12 photos. Between the first and second set of photos, I just really exfoliated a lot, trying to keep up with all the old cells that was accumulating on the skin surface. I was using Fruit Acid 15% every night, Exfol 2 x/day letting it sit for 1/2 hour both times. I then added in Super CP Serum at night only for about 1 week. I diluted it with with Wildberry Serum and followed this with emu mixed with HA. Then I increased to Super CP Serum 2 x/day (diluted with Wildberry Serum). In the PM, I add emu with HA afterward. In the AM, I add sunscreen with just a drop of emu oil. I also used one mild 12.5% TCA peel between January 12 and 24 and I continue to use the 40% lactic acid peels 1 or 2 a week as needed.

So my routine now (and since January 12) is:


  • wheat germ cleanser
  • exfol, wait 1/2 hour
  • Super CP Serum mixed with Wildberry Serum (about 8 drops Super CP Serum for entire face, 4 for neck)
  • Sunscreen mixed with 1-2 drops of emu for entire face/neck


  • cetaphil to remove makeup wheat germ cleanser
  • Treatment: Fruit Acid 15% 2-5 minutes depending on tolerance that day. Rinse off.
  • exfol, wait 1/2 hour
  • Super CP Serum mixed with Wildberry Serum
  • Emu 4 drops for entire face mixed with HA. (Sometimes I put the wildberry on after the Fruit Acid, let dry, then apply Exfol and wait 1/2 hour and mix the Super CP Serum with the HA. Lately, I have been putting the exfol first for more exfoliation.

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