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While aging is a fact of life.  Aging gracefully with beautiful skin is a choice.

Anti Aging really falls into 2 categories:

  1. Preventing the signs of aging.  You will want to work with products to maintain your healthy skin.
    1. Become an ingredient sleuth.  Don't take some company's word...remember, they just want to sell you something.  Research those ingredients to make sure you aren't doing more damage by using them. Great little site that will give you some information about ingredients and those ingredients you might want to further research.  
    2. First and foremost, cleanser at 5.5 pH. Higher pH cleanser damages the skin protective acid mantle leaving your skin more suspectible to damage
    3. Nourish.  There are a number of products to nourish and prevent damage to your skin:  Vitamin C, CP Serum, Super GHK Serum or Cream,  Red Tea Serum
    4. Protect - If you need additional moistuirzation, work with pure biological oils.  And of course, protection from the sun.  
  2. Reversing the signs of aging.  If you are in this category there is much you can do to reverse the signs of aging and the damage that causes these signs of aging.  Below is a general guideline of what you need to consider.  I
    1. Become an ingredient sleuth.  Same as above
    2. 5.5 pH cleanser
    3. Actives that signal the skin to begin repair.  GHK Serum or Cream,  Skin Signals cream or serum, CP Serum, etc.
    4. Exfoliant will help to shed those old cells so your actives better penetrate plus signal the skin to renew.  Lactic, Fruit Acid, Mandelic acid, Salicylic acid, Exfol, LacSal...either start with the most gentle and work up to the stronger version. or work with a gentle exfoliant daily and do periodic treatments with the stronger versions.
    5. Nourishing, Vitamin A products (Green Cream and Clarific Refinage) can be a form of nourishment and exfoliation, Antioxidants such as Vitamin B,C,E Ferulic, Red Tea, Two Timming Tightener, etc.
    6. Protect.  Well moisturized skin renews faster that does dry dehydrated skin.  Work with Ultra Emu Oil, Emu Oil for Skin, Pure Squalane, etc.  Yes....protect from the sun.  


  • DianaYvonne 15% Fruit Acid

  • 3% GHK Copper Peptide Serum

  • Dr. Pickart's 3% VIP GHK CuII Luxury Cream

  • 3% GHK-CU Smoothing and Soothing Serum

  • Lelexo Algae Masque

  • $59.00

  • CP Serum and LacSal Serum 1 or 4 oz each

  • DNA Telomere Repair Cream (Renovage) 1 oz

  • DianaYvonne Breathe - Energizing Oxygen Serum

  • DianaYvonne Vitamin B, C, E and Ferulic Acid

  • DianaYvonne Essential Skin Lipids

  • GHK CU Crepey Skin Escape

  • Green Cream Level 9

  • $36.00

  • DianaYvonne 10% Mandelic Acid Tonic

  • Mesosys Cellthera Kit

  • Skin Biology P & R Classic Cream and LacSal Cream 2 or 4 oz

  • Skin Biology Protect and Restore with Exfol Cream

  • Skin Biology P & R w/ High Retinol and Exfol Cream Set

  • Skin Biology P & R w/High Retinol Cream and LacSal Cream